Not a fun trip

My brother lives down south and complains that everytime someone visits, they treat it as if they are on vacation.

They expect to squat in our brother’s home for a month for no charge. They also want to visit the beach, sit out by his pool and relax. It annoys our brother because they constantly act like they want to see him but in reality, it is a free trip. I live where recreational cannabis is legal. That is our thing. People only come to see me for legal weed. Everyone I went to school with or family members constantly act love they are coming to visit me. They want to guess how I am doing, see the house, hang out, etc. I guess they just want access to legal cannabis. The first thing people ask for is to see a recreational cannabis store. When you have legal cannabis right at your fingertips, the fun wears off. I have also done the cannabis dispensary tour so many times that I am bored with it. Honestly going to a dispensary is love heading into a pharmacy. I do have cannabis products at home, but it is not for fun. I don’t want to smoke a cannabis flower product plus get high. I don’t want to eat a typical pot brownie. I use a topical for muscles aches that I get from certainly working online. I also have CBD oil that helps me sleep at night. If I am feeling really wild I will buy a cannabis cooking oil to put in our dinner to make me exhausted. My friends plus family don’t get that cannabis isn’t that exciting to me at all.


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