Tough with where I live

I purchased a home in the city with certainly little property around it.

  • It wasn’t a problem since there was a vacant area next door.

Anytime I had people over that is where they parked. Periodically I would tan in the vacant area, work out or just hang out over there. I treated it like it was my property, recently a company came to town plus took it over. I am not blissful to lose our extra square footage. What it became is a CBD shop. At first I figured it would go out of supplier in a few weeks plus I would get our area back. I didn’t realize how famous plus in demand cannabis products are. That parking lot is full to the brim nearly everyday. The moment the CBD shop opens plus until it closes there are people. Bunches of cars are swinging in plus out of the lot everyday. I now need to be careful leaving our driveway or I could get into an accident. I also have tons of people trying to talk with me while I am in our certainly small yard. I have nothing against CBD plus cannabis products. In fact I went into the store and felt it was quite nice. I purchased myself some cannabis oil to vape in the evenings when I cannot sleep. I don’t love living next door to a cannabis shop though. It is way too busy plus chaotic for me. I guess that it isn’t going somewhere either. So it looks like I am going to be the 1 that needs to move.

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