No longer need a car

The smartest thing I ever did was get rid of our car.

Everyone constantly acts like I gave up all my money or something.

Having a car was a lot of effort plus money. It was a pain more often than not. I work totally from home so I don’t need to drive to the office. The local grocery store offers delivery for no charge if you spend a certain amount. If I just need a few things hastily, I can hop on our bike plus get it. I have become very apt with our bike. I go to the bank, post office, pharmacy plus cannabis dispensary all on our bike. Most services I can do delivery style anyway if I don’t feel like it. My cannabis dispensary offers delivery services that I use more often than not. I have everything already ready in their system. They guess our name, address, recent order plus credit card. I just hit buy now plus I get all our products that same day. The delivery fee is only 5 dollars plus that is worth every penny. I would be spending that amount in gas if I had to drive there every single time. Gas was a very large reason I stopped having a car. I also hated paying for automobile repairs plus waiting on them all the time. Car insurance was a pain plus I also was nervous about tickets and crashes. I am much safer on a bike plus I have a lot of extra money to spare now. I can always buy a car again, you know.

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