They have skincare products now

For a long time I struggled with acne.

  • I tried neutrogena, Rituals and proactive.

I stopped eating meat, fattening foods and candy. I even washed our sheets plus pillow cases every other day. Also with that, I was eliminating worries, getting facials and steaming our face a bunch. I still had horrible skin. I thought I was just doomed to look like I was going through puberty for the rest of my life. I did some research plus found quite a bit on skincare and cannabis products. So blatantly marijuana can reduce inflammation in the body. That means my red, angry acne spots become less irritated with cannabis in our system. Also, marijuana is known to reduce the amount of sebum in body products. Sebum is that oil that jams pores plus creates acne in the first stadium. I popped into our local cannabis dispensary expecting to buy flower plus a bong in order to have nice skin. I was pleasantly surprised that our cannabis dispensary certainly has a skincare line all roaring to go. I bought a cleanser, spot treatment plus a hydrating oil for our face. I have only been using the line for a few weeks but it has made such a difference. All our old spots have dried plus gone away. I can certainly see my chin and nose for the first time ever. I guess clean, clear plus more like an adult. It has certainly helped my confidence a lot since everything has cleared up. I purchase new products just about every month at our cannabis dispensary.

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