Adding cannabis has helped me achieve my health and wellness goals

The indica strains are helping me a great deal when it comes to range of motion and stiffness

Trying to get fit and active in my fifties was far more of an undertaking than I was counting on. Sure, it had been like almost 30 years since I really worked out. But, I had this idea that my body would simply snap back once I began to make better decisions for my health. Well, until I added cannabis to the situation, it was not going so well. Prior to making trips to the cannabis dispensary for sativa and indica strains, I was trying to do this all alone. I mean, it was only diet and exercise, right? How hard could that be. It was brutally hard both physically and emotionally. I just didn’t see that coming. I went to the doctor just a few weeks into my lifestyle changes because I could tell I was about to bail. I’m glad that I did. She ran all the tests which weren’t as bad as I thought but still needed big time attention. The doctor also set me up with an exercise and diet person to help me make a plan that I could stick to. Again, this was a lifeline. Once I had a plan together, I had some structure and it wasn’t all about denying myself. In fact, since I had given up alcohol and all my yummy treats, the diet and exercise expert suggested I visit the local cannabis spot. I had smoked recreational marijuana in college but really hadn’t since. Now that recreational marijuana was legal, I could give that a try. Both the sativa and indica strains are so helpful. The indica strains are helping me a great deal when it comes to range of motion and stiffness. The sativa strains are essential in keeping me positive and having a good perspective.


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