Done with hangovers now that I’m visiting the cannabis dispensary

I don’t know but using sativa or hybrid strains doesn’t make me want more and more

It’s so nice to finally wake up on Saturday and Sunday and not feel like garbage. For me, that’s pretty much the way it’s been for close to 15 years. From the time I went to college until recently, I overindulged when it came to alcohol. That has changed thanks to recreational marijuana being legal in this state. It was becoming increasingly clear to me that I was drinking too much. Once I hit 30, the effects of partying were starting to get debilitating. Instead of getting up on my day off for a bike ride, I nursed a hangover until the evening only to party too much again. I had to stop and with the help of a counselor and sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot, I’ve done that. Initially, I was afraid that I might just replace using too much alcohol with using too much marijuana. I brought this up with my counselor and we explored the fact that alcohol dependency was a genetic issue for me. My dad is a barely functioning alcoholic and my mom drinks far too much in almost a defensive way. So the counselor felt that me using cannabis products was going to be much different. And it was right from the beginning. I don’t know but using sativa or hybrid strains doesn’t make me want more and more. It’s a few puffs, relax and get a good perspective instead of pounding drinks at the bar. It’s a far better lifestyle choice and I’m no longer nursing hangovers.



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