What a reunion after a trip to the cannabis dispensary

Getting together with the old gang from highschool has been rather interesting through the years.

We all sort of did our best to stay in touch when we went off to college. There is like a dozen of us in that group from highschool. We were sort of nerds and relied on each other as our social network. While all the cool kids were off smoking recreational marijuana, we were the ones hanging out, eating pizza and watching a movie on TV. Being pretty square wasn’t all that easy. Yet, it also had a lot of benefits that I would really understand until I left for college and beyond. It was good that we had a group whose focus was doing well in school so we could all get in top notch schools. Plus, we were all from similar backgrounds and would need all the help we could get when it came to paying for college. And it was kind of good that we waited until college before experimenting with cannabis and alcohol. By that point, we were wall pretty serious about our future so we didn’t get out of hand when it came to partying. But as we went through the years, jobs and families took precedence and we didn’t get together as much. So when we finally did this summer, it was great and we all made a trip to the local cannabis spot as well. There was no such thing as a cannabis dispensary back then so it was such fun to shop for marijuana for sale as a group in our home town.


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