Hanging out at the cannabis dispensary is a good thing

When I decided to take the job out here, I really didn’t even consider the fact that both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal. That wasn’t exactly on the radar when I was offered this promotion. The thing that was really on my mind was whether or not I was ready for this sort of thing. I’d been with the company since I got my masters. And I’ve worked here now right at a decade. There were other smaller promotions but this one was a career maker or breaker. So there was a lot at stake. I talked it over with my mentor several times and she assured me that I was ready for this step. The first day I was here, I drove by the local cannabis spot. Where I had just moved from, there are no cannabis dispensaries. Marijuana use of any kind is still illegal. I took note of the proximity of the local cannabis spot to my apartment. And after the first couple of weeks at work, I wanted to visit the local cannabis spot. It was as stressful as I was expecting but I was also really just missing any sort of outlet and my friends. So stopping by the local cannabis spot sort of surprised me. I went in to maybe buy a cannabis edible for the weekend. But what I found was such a positive and supportive vibe that I ended up hanging out for an hour. The local cannabis spot has provided me with new buddies as well as cannabis buds.


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