Loving the edibles from the cannabis dispensary

When I was in college, all of my friends were using recreational marijuana.

But I just couldn’t ever get right with cannabis in the smokeable form.

First, I was allergic to cigarette smoke and pretty much, that kept me away from smoke in general. Back then, there might have been some pot brownies somebody’s boyfriend tried to make. But of course, that was a pretty ugly effort. Those pot brownies were essential just some low grade cannabis being dumped into the brownie mix. It was gross tasting and a complete waste of cannabis as well. I didn’t know that then. All I knew was that the pot brownies tasted gross and I didn’t get even a little bit high. That was such a disappointment since I really wanted to enjoy recreational marijuana but smoking it just wasn’t an option. Fast forward a decade plus and the state I now live in has legalized recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana was legal for a while before anyone of age could access the local cannabis spot. So I happened to roll into a cannabis dispensary with a friend who was picking up some hybrid strains for sale. That’s when I saw the cannabis edible selection and could hardly believe it. There was every kind of edible from seriously yummy pot brownies to cannabis gummies. I was overjoyed that I was finally going to be able to experience recreational marijuana on my terms. I bought a couple different typed of cannabis edibles and we went to the park. I ate like a quarter of one and had the best day in the sun I’ve ever had in my life.



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