Vacation comes with tours of cannabis dispensaries

My wife and I have always enjoyed recreational marijuana.

Well, I say always but at least since our junior year of college.

We actually discovered cannabis together. At the time, we were both in the same group of friends. Often, this group of friends would get up early on a Saturday or Sunday, get breakfast and then head out for a day in the park. Those were glorious days full of sunshine, frisbee and just chilling out. Someone brought some sativa strains to one of those park days. And that was the tipping point for my wife and I. Actually, that day was the first day that we started looking at each other in a more romantic sort of way. And I give all the credit to the recreational marijuana. We ended up settling down in the country and living our lives. However, we still enjoyed cannabis and were lucky to know someone who knew a cannabis grower. While still under the radar, we could at least know that we could get a cannabis supply. However, once so many states opened up recreational marijuana after the stunning success of medical marijuana, we wanted to visit. And that’s how we came up with the idea of weed destination vacations. These days, we go to places where we want to adventure but that also have legal recreational marijuana. Along with touring the sights, we also like to tour the local cannabis spots and find new cannabis strains while we’re at it. It’s just a great way to vacation.

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