A trip to the cannabis dispensary is indeed a trip

We got close this past election cycle, closer than we’ve ever been.

But still, recreational marijuana and medical marijuana were shot down.

The margin was razor thin so there is hope. But that means that we still can’t just go down to the local cannabis spot to shop for marijuana for sale. Of course, we could go buy a truck load of liquor and poison ourselves but using recreational weed is still out. There is just no logic to that at all. However, we are lucky to be able to go to the state next door to shop for marijuana for sale legally. And that is a big help, not to mention another factor in our state finally coming to its senses on reasonable cannabis legislation. Until then, we have to go over the line if we want to peruse cannabis products. Still, it beats the alternative of having to try and find weed on the down low. I hate that as I never know the THC content or exactly who I’m dealing with. If I happened to know a cannabis grower, then there’d be no problem. But I’m just not that lucky. The nearest cannabis dispensary is almost a four hour drive. So my wife and I just make a weekend out of it. The town we go to is actually such a nice spot with all sorts of cool natural places to enjoy. We get a hotel room for the weekend and make dinner reservations for the growing list of great restaurants we’re discovering. And it’s nice to visit with the good people at the cannabis dispensaries that we shop for marijana for sale in.

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