Man, did I ever need a cannabis cafe day

It’s been a slog for like two months.

First, my girlfriend and I moved.

It wasn’t a big move, like across the country or anything. It was a cross town move essentially. Still, that comes with packing up all of your stuff and then setting up house once again. But the good thing is that we moved just down the street from our favorite local cannabis spot. That was a positive and what’s more, we were able to enjoy the new cannabis cafe as well. However, as soon as we moved and just started to unpack, I got sent away on business. A regional office a thousand miles away needed immediate IT support and I was the one to be sent. So I had to live in a hotel for nearly 6 weeks while I worked nearly every, single day. My wonderful girlfriend was not only understanding but she did lots of the unpacking while I was away. And she went to the local cannabis spot to get the sativa strains she and I enjoy. By the time I got back, I was so ready for some time off and some sativa strain enjoyment. That day finally came on my girlfriend’s next day off. We got up and went straight to the cannabis cafe. Once there, we got huge mugs of coffee and picked out the yummiest cannabis edible to share. Then, it was outside to a nice little spot under a huge oak tree. There we sat past lunchtime just enjoying each other, the cannabis cafe and watching people. Man, did I ever need that cannabis cafe day.

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