Is a advertising service undoubtedly necessary?

I wanted to be the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary, but I knew there was a lot of labor to do, but i had already contacted a cannabis dispensary business consulting corporation to see what I had to do, they went through every step even before the people I was with and I started working on the paperwork… She provided myself and others all the information I needed to fill out the preliminary paperwork and promised she would walk myself and others through all the applications that had to be filled out. The business consultant told myself and others she would be there to let myself and others suppose when there were even the smallest swings made to the laws, and I would be the first one to suppose once she had the information, once I had all the laws and regulations taken care of, she recommended I talk to a advertising service, which they had in their office. She said she worked directly with the advertising service to make sure our website was satisfying all legal requirements. I wanted to suppose if it was a necessity to use a advertising service. She explained how I would need a professional website, and I would need to change the menu accordingly and make sure the prices and links were all correct. She then asked if I was a professional web designer? I told him I knew nothing about building websites, and that’s when she said I needed a advertising service. She explained I needed to make sure our website was in perfect condition if I wanted to gain customers and have our customers to put in orders for delivery and/or pickup.


Recreational marijuana business application preparation service