Having a fun time

When I was in high school, it was pretty weird.

I was a popular kid; mostly because I was nice, and involved in numerous activities.

But I wasn’t a jock, so my popularity was a bit unusual, I guess. I got along with pretty much everyone, but I stayed on the straight and narrow. The first time I even had a taste of recreational marijuana, I was in my second year of college. And really, it was in college that I hit my stride and started to fit in. I didn’t keep in touch with my high school friends. That’s what makes the raging success of a high school reunion that happened recently so surprising. Recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are both legal where I live. I also live in a popular vacation destination. So, when I joined a social media group of old classmates, the place became the destination for this reunion. With a bit of planning and much communicating, over 70 people committed to coming, if I hosted it. Of course, I make trips to the local cannabis spot, and that was also one of the large reasons pretty much everyone wanted to come out here for this. I had avoided smoking marijuana with this crowd in high school. But man, did the people I was with and I make up for that! I didn’t know what a cool bunch of people my former classmates were! It was great fun, and this local cannabis spot thinks I’m a hero for bringing in so much business!


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