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The 2020 pandemic was the worst. It still staggers my mind to consider that more than a million people died in this country due to COVID. That’s a lot of people deeply affected by tragedy. I lucked out, and didn’t get sick, and didn’t lose anyone due to the virus. I stayed home, and ended up consuming sativa products much faster than usual. Perhaps I was so scared. I’m not great with anxiety , which is one of the reasons I’m so grateful I have good access to a cannabis dispensary. In my state, recreational marijuana recently joined medical marijuana in being completely legal. Due to my anxiety issues, I was able, with no issues, to easily get a medical marijuana card. The sativa strains, along with some hybrid strains I am able to buy, have made a big difference in my life. I’m much less distraught, and more positive and relaxed about what I can control. When the pandemic first skyrocketed, I used all of this time that I had at home, by using more sativa products. Thankfully, the local cannabis shop did something for those of us who were terrified to leave our homes – convenient hours. I was shopping at 5 a.m. in order to stay away from crowds. The local cannabis spot started offering a cannabis delivery service. And that was huge for me. Even now, almost two years later, I still regularly use the marijuana delivery service. It’s just so simple to get cannabis products now with this great service!

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