Trying cannabis on our vacation

I tried it out and just loved it

My husband and I recently went on a trip to a state that offers recreational cannabis. I figured it out when I was looking for things to do in the area. I had spa dates booked for us and planned a beach day. I also had a shopping day and a hike I wanted to do. When I saw that there were tons of recreational cannabis shops, I figured we might as well try it. My husband and I havent smoked weed since college. It wasn’t legal and it was a few hits on a joint. That was the extent of our cannabis knowledge. Rather than pick one day to get a bit drunk, it seemed fun to smoke some cannabis. I found that there were a lot of great weed shops in the area. You could go from a basic grab and go gas station set up to a high end cannabis dispensary with a vape lounge or dab bar. I wanted something in the middle and near our hotel. I found a dispensary that boosted a wide selection of edibles. I figured the two of us didn’t want to waste money on papers, lighters or a vape. Edibles are easy, discreet and can give a quicker, more intense hghi. My husband chose to try a THC gummy and I picked out a chocolate bar. On our shopping day we tried our cannabis products and browsed around the city. It was so much fun. I even bought a cannabis hard candy that was meant as a sleep aid. I tried it out and just loved it. It made me wish our state offered legal weed.
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