I love to hit the hiking trails on my way home from my marijuana delivery order

My dad is the person who got me obsessed with hiking in the woods. He was a hunter at heart and loved the hours it gave him sitting out in nature silently with nothing but himself and his thoughts to keep him company. While I was far too young to accompany him hunting at six years old, he still took the opportunity to take me to the woods for one on one hiking trips that lasted a few hours at a time. I learned everything I know about my dad through our hiking trips over the years, and now I think of him whenever I’m out on the trails near my house. Despite my assumptions at the time, I learned that my father was like me at my age. He struggled with the same anxiety issues that plagued me from the earliest ages. We also shared a lot of the same interests across movies, music, and films. While we never stopped going on hiking trips even into my high school years, I was more secretive at that age because I was smoking marijuana and trying to hide it from my father. He knew what was going on and reassured me one day that he wasn’t upset that I was using cannabis as long as I used it at home and wasn’t driving to and from my friends’ houses. Nowadays I get all of my cannabis from dispensaries but I still like to go hiking on the way home from the dispensary from time to time. I planned a cannabis delivery order to coincide with an afternoon hiking at a nearby nature preserve.


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