Smoking a little less medical cannabis for better results

My college years are very much a blur to me.

How I ever graduated with a degree is a mystery to me, because at the time all I cared about was meeting women and getting blazed. I drank a lot back in those days, but most college kids experiment with drinking and drugs. That is part of the overall college experience, right? You learn facts and figures, and also figure out your tolerance for liquor and medical cannabis. I freely admit that I went overboard, but these days I am in a much better and calmer place. I still use medical cannabis everyday, but have curbed my drinking, and use weed in a more responsible manner. Medical marijuana education truly changed my life, because it taught me how to use it in moderation to enhance my experience. I used to do what I called “power-smoking” and I would literally pound as much medical marijuana as I could in a short amount of time. I wasn’t even savoring the taste or the experience of medical cannabis, I was just blazing it to get as stoned as humanly possible. It turns out that smoking less medical cannabis has a much more pleasurable effect on me. Now I can sit back, pack up a nice bowl of medical cannabis, and smoke it slowly over the course of an hour. I savor every hit, and let the amazing flavors of the medical cannabis linger in my mouth. I am spending a lot less money at the medical cannabis dispensary these days, but enjoying myself more than ever.
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