Marijuana helps me cope with everyday life and stress

Life is filled with lots of stress.

I feel stressed every single day from my job, my family, and my friends.

I’m constantly worried about making someone happy. It seems like someone wants a piece of me and I find it hard to please everyone. My girlfriend and I were fighting a couple of weeks ago. We started dating a few months ago\, but my girlfriend recently found out that I use marijuana all the time. Her mom saw me buying weed from a local dispensary. She was very upset when she found out about the marijuana use. I tried to tell her that it isn’t a big deal, because I have a prescription and I buy all of my medicine legally. My girlfriend still looks at me as if I am a drug dealer. Last night, My girlfriend came over to my apartment to watch a movie and have pizza. Before my girlfriend came over, I decided to smoke a marijuana joint on the patio. I didn’t think she would be able to smell the odor from the marijuana, but she knew I was smoking the minute that she walked into the apartment. Instead of having a really nice night discussing our relationship, the two of us had a large argument about my marijuana use and addiction. I tried to tell my girlfriend that I am not addicted to marijuana, but she is convinced that cannabis is a drug that needs to be eradicated. I think she watched too much Dateline on the war on drugs in this country.

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