With medical marijuana you get what you pay for

I thought that if I made my own cannabis edibles at home I would save a lot of money. That did not prove to be the case at all. In fact, I saved hardly any money at all, and wound up with the worst tasting edibles of all time. You can’t blame me for trying, though, because the economy is really rough and I am struggling to make ends meet. Some of you might say that if I need to cut back on spending, maybe I don’t go to the medical cannabis dispensary at all, but you’d be crazy! I can go without medical cannabis for about as long as I can go without food and water. It is medical and medicinal, and I need it! Medical cannabis products are not cheap, but I have come to learn that you get what you pay for. Paying a lot of money for cannabis edibles, drinks, or buds is actually cost-effective, because I get so much higher when using the good stuff. Buying an excess amount of low-grade medical marijuana in an attempt to make my own edibles and save money was misguided. I did save money, technically speaking, but did not get the same quality high I get from professionally made cannabis products. The brownies I made using the medical marijuana tasted terrible, and instead of getting me lifted just gave me a dirty, sick feeling. The only way I can save money on medical marijuana is just by using less of it. Maybe I just need to get a second job to cover my medical marijuana costs.

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