I own a small medical cannabis dispensary

It has always been my dream to open my own business.

When I was ten I ran a lemonade stand in my front yard afterschool. I didn’t just do it once, I was open for two hours a day five days a week! I kept a ledger to keep track of my expenses and my profits, and adjusted my hours to meet the greatest peak of demand. In other words, even as a kid I was interested in the details of being a business owner. Some years later I sunk a lot of those lemonade stand profits into a new kind of business, and started selling medical cannabis to my friends and schoolmates. Now I am going to combine my two great passions and open my own private medical cannabis dispensary! Of course owning and running a medical cannabis dispensary is not fun and games, it’s a serious line of work. If you think the cannabis budtenders just smoke reefer and get stoned all day then you’ve probably never been to a legit dispensary before. There is a strict policy about using medical cannabis while at work. All my employees get a big discount on what they buy, and are free to use as much medical cannabis as they want as long as they aren’t working. Most of my job involves invoices, and doing Zoom meetings with medical cannabis sales reps. It is all very boring, but at least it involves medical cannabis. Just like my employees, if I am not at work, chances are that I’m getting wrecked on top-quality medical cannabis.

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