I love getting cannabis for a discount

Thanks to my parents I have always been a savvy consumer with an eye for good deals.

If I apply myself, and do the proper research, I can skate by for a whole week without paying full price for anything! Sometimes there is no way to get a discount, but with enough patience, you can get discounts on a lot of great things.

Even if I only save a few bucks here or there, it all adds up to a large amount over the course of a month. I have been experiencing great success by value shopping at the local medical cannabis dispensaries. This town has six different medical cannabis dispensaries, and by perusing their websites and spotting the best deals, I have managed to cut down on my cannabis spending without cutting down on my smoking. I rarely get the same kind of medical cannabis products twice in a row, because bargain shopping is catch-as-catch-can. I tend to focus on reading the labels of the cannabis products, and gauging their levels of THC and CBD. If I have questions I never hesitate to find a cannabis budtender and get answers. Some people are embarrassed to get their cannabis products from the discount table, but not me. It turns out the cannabis budtenders don’t care either, they don’t get paid on commission so they are usually happy to help in any way they can. Thanks to the convenience of the internet, I can usually check out the deals and discounts on the medical cannabis dispensary websites before I leave the house.

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