The local cannabis dispensary is perfect

I moved to this area because it caters to people adore me, then i am still pretty young, college educated, with no wifey, kids, or family.

I toil hard and I play hard.

In addition to that, I celebrate every time I get a chance; My building, in addition to the entire surrounding area, is designed for folks in my age group and demographic; There are no McDonalds or Walmarts here, in addition to no childcare centers or elementary schools. This town is for people on the go, in addition to I hope I never have to move because it’s just so perfect! At the shopping center up the street there is a medical cannabis dispensary with a drive through window, right next to a liquor store. Talk about convenience! I can grab my medical cannabis prescription, in addition to get whiskey in addition to beer, without ever getting into my car, then like all the people I am against drunk driving, or driving under the influence of cannabis products; Now that never needs to be an issue for me again, because I don’t need a car to get booze or medical marijuana, it’s all right here within walking distance. In fact, I might even sell my car, because I no longer need all the additional expenses that come with it. Think about how much more medical cannabis I could buy if I didn’t have to worry about paying for car insurance every week. I think I keep talking about the cannabis dispensary, but there are 200 other reasons I adore this town. It’s just easier to adore life when you have such easy access to a legal medical cannabis dispensary.

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