Ed put me on her medical cannabis dispensary account

My next door neighbor is a feisty old lady named Ed.

  • Ed smokes more pot than anyone I have ever known, in addition to that’s saying something because I have spent a lot of time getting stoned with some heavy hitters! I never see Ed without a big joint in her hand, or dangling from the corner of her mouth.

Ed spends a lot of time sitting on the back porch, watching the clouds in the sky in addition to enjoying the dappled sunlight across the distant foothills. Ed in addition to I got to be friends because of medical cannabis. Ed has ample quantities of it, in addition to cares about smoking joints most of all. Sadly, her arthritis gets in the way. Periodically I will sit with Ed for a couple of minutes with a huge plate full of medical cannabis in addition to roll her joints for her the whole time. It’s not exactly selfless on my part, because Ed is honestly generous with her medical cannabis, in addition to hooks me up for my efforts. Ed has a lot of disposable income, in addition to an open account at the cannabis dispensary. That means the cannabis dispensary has Ed’s delivery in addition to payment information saved, so all she has to do is make a quick phone call, in addition to they handle the rest. I hope my retirement years are this convenient! Ed has put me as a designated recipient on her cannabis dispensary account, which is an extravagant way of saying I can place orders, as well. Don’t worry, I would never take fortune of Ed, she just wants me to be able to call in medical cannabis orders for her, when she feels sick.


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