I realized I just don’t like flower

For a long time I said I wasn’t into cannabis. My experience with weed was smoking through a bowl and then later on through a bong. I always felt stupid becasue how you light those smoking tools is quite specific. I am kind of stupid with a lighter and I never could get the timing right with smoking and inhaling. I also didn’t like the idea of inhaling cannabis. I know it isn’t as bad as a cigarette, but it still didn’t feel right to me. The few times I got high I remember feeling really paranoid and unhappy. So for years I just said I didn’t like weed. When a friend of mine went to the local cannabis dispensary I got stuck going along with him. I got talking with a budtender and I realized that it wasn’t all cannabis I hated. The budtender told me that only smoking cannabis flower was what the problem was. I also was probably only smoking sativas with high THC content. The budtender recommended I try something else. He suggested maybe vaping cannabis oil. When I stated I didn’t like smoking, he then pushed me towards edibles. I ended up buying a CBD heavy package of gummies. He told me I can enjoy a more gentle, relaxing high. The high will be quicker, intense but I should feel happy this time rather than paranoid. The guy was right! I realized that edibles are way better for me. I just eat and feel the effects. I don’t need to worry about feeling stupid.


Buying cannabis