I really enjoy doing cannabis deliveries

I will admit I am not a big go getter when it comes to work. I always have a job, but I don’t strain myself to make more money. I like working a low key job for a few hours. I don’t need a lot of money and I value my free time. My husband and I fit because he is the opposite. He will work insane hours, make good money but have high stress. I read, tan and do a few hours here and there. One of us has high blood pressure, can you guess who? Anyway, one thing I like to do is pick up an extra job during the holiday season. The pay is decent and my husband isn’t around anyway. I realized that being a cannabis delivery driver is a really good gig. It is much better than delivering for amazon, UPS or FedEx for sure. Everyone is excited to see cannabis coming to their doorstep. Most of the time I just drop the package off in the mailbox or on the side porch. The places that order are in great areas, clean and the people are friendly when I see them. My driving route is quite simple too and there are a lot of repeat customers. When I get on schedule I basically do the same drive over and over again. I crank some music and just enjoy being on the road. I can totally zone out or maybe finish an audio book. I have loosely thought of being a full time cannabis delivery driver. I like it that much.

Cannabis delivery service