Cannabis beverages for anxiety

I used to have pretty bad anxiety.

It would hit me as soon as I started the work day.

I would think about all the projects I needed to get done and promptly panic. I would get tight in the chest, sweaty and sick like. It was horrible. Frequently I would leave to go quietly freak out in the office bathroom. I realized I needed to do something about this. My state offers both medical and recreational cannabis. I decided to go the medical route since I wanted to take marijuana during the workday. It was surprisingly easy getting a medical weed card. I just did a quick doctor’s appointment, filled out paperwork and paid a fee. Within a few weeks I had a medical weed card in the mail for oil and edibles. I decided to stick with edibles for right now. What is great is that edibles don’t necessarily mean food based items. I didn’t want to eat baked goods or candies everyday. Can you imagine what that would do for the waistline? I also imagined people wanting to share in my food item and me having to tell them I am a medical weed patient. So I have stuck with cannabis beverages. They are flavored pops with CBD and THC in them. I have a mini fridge under my desk that I keep stocked with a variety of flavors like lime, lemon, strawberry and grape. I drink one when I get to work and one on my lunch break. I feel so much better during the workday now.

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