I honestly enjoy doing cannabis deliveries

I will admit I am not a large go getter when it comes to work. I consistently have a task, even though I don’t strain myself to make more money. I enjoy laboring a low key task for a few hours. I don’t need a lot of money plus I value my free time. My partner plus I fit because he is the opposite. He will work silly hours, make fine money however have high stress. I read, tan plus do a few hours here plus there! One of us has high blood pressure, can you think who? Anyway, one thing I enjoy to do is pick up an extra task while in the holiday season. The spend money is good plus my partner isn’t around anyway. I realized that being a cannabis delivery driver is a honestly fine gig. It is much better than delivering for amazon, UPS or FedEx for sure, but everyone is gleeful to see cannabis coming to their doorstep. Most of the time I just drop the package off in the mailbox or on the side porch. The venues that order are in good areas, wash plus the people are friendly when I see them. My driving route is quite simple too plus there are a lot of repeat shoppers. When I get on schedule I basically do the same drive over plus over again. I crank some songs plus just enjoy being on the road. I can totally zone out or maybe finish an audio book. I have loosely thought of being a full time cannabis delivery driver. I enjoy it that much.


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