Changing to vaping a cannabis oil

For a long time I was an avid smoker of cannabis flower.

I liked that I could browse around odd strains.

I liked the complicated process of setting up the bong, pipe or rolling papers. It was a undoubtedly soothing process. Smoking was just something I honestly loved doing too. I would smoke while reading on my front porch! After a while I got sick of the waste. I would lose quite a bit of flower in the grinding, rolling or packing process. I also felt lazy certain days plus wouldn’t want to do the prep work plus bring all the tools required. That is why I made the switch over to vaping a cannabis oil. It is so much better using oil cartridges rather than loose flower, then you don’t have any waste, mess or prepwork. The most I do is load a new cartridge of oil in my vape. Then I press a button that heats the oil plus I am done. What is good is that I can take the vape with me someplace; Before it was a pain if I wanted to bring cannabis to a friend’s house… Now I can just stuff the vape in my pocket, trifold or basket when I think enjoy it. It is simple to take a hit walking to a concert, outside a restaurant or in someone’s powder room in a pinch. It is way more discreet too. When you smoke cannabis flower that smell lingers in your hair plus on your clothing. With cannabis oil, the vapor doesn’t even honestly have a smell. It suddenly dissipates plus nobody would suspect that you were smoking.

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