Not sure if I can tell my wife that I use recreational marijuana

When my wife and I met, she had just gotten out of a 10-year relationship with a seriously abusive person.

The guy drank way too much and abused her and her young daughter! She did not want to go back to an abusive or domestic violence situation.

I never really expected to find myself in a long-term relationship with a lady who had a child, but that is basically what happened! We totally fell in love immediately and started seeing each other practically every day. When my girlfriend mentioned her hate for people that choose to smoke marijuana, I did not mention the fact that I regularly use recreational marijuana. It was still early in our relationship and I figured there would be a much better time to bring it up. Things got entirely serious in no time and now it feels like I am lying and hiding my recreational marijuana use. I get high when I am working with my good pals and I get high before I come back to my residence. Marijuana does not alter my behavior because I have been smoking for a long while. My girlfriend does not know that I have been smoking, even though I suppose I should tell her. It’s never a wonderful move to start a relationship off with a lie. Regrettably, I got stuck in this lie and I don’t know how to make things right after this. At this point, I am sad that she is not going to want to continue dating me if she ends up finding out, and that is just one more reason for me to continue hiding this thing from her.



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