Didn’t appreciate smelling weed in the children’s bathroom

I have been teaching 6th grade for approximately 5 years.

  • Before I was a 6th grade teacher, I worked in a high school.

I genuinely prefer Middle School seasoned children, and high school students rarely want to listen & learn. It’s much easier to teach the children at the middle school level. I teach science & math to the students. I have numerous classes while in the day & one free period. During my free time, I grade papers & work in the classroom. From time to time, I will go to the teachers lounge instead of my classroom. The teachers lounge has a ductless air conditioning device & it works better than the A/C in the classroom. I was in the teacher’s lounge the other day grading papers when I hastily had to use the restroom. The women washroom is right across the hall from the teachers lounge, so I decided to use the students washroom instead of walking across the building to the teachers’ bathroom. As soon as I went into the women’s washroom, I smelled a disgusting odor. I knew right away that the smell was marijuana. I looked in all of the stalls & nobody was in the washroom. I did not see any signs of marijuana in the garbage can either, however clearly someone had just been smoking in there. I went to the teachers that have students in the same hallway. I got a list of the students who had used the washroom that period & after that we took that list to the principal! Nobody should be smoking marijuana in the 6th grade washroom.


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