Not happy about the smell of marijuana in the middle school bathroom

I have been teaching 6th grade for about 5 years now.

Before I was a middle school teacher, I worked in a high school.

I easily enjoy Middle School children. Those in high school hardly ever want to listen plus learn. It’s much more straightforward to teach the youngsters at the middle school. I teach science plus math to the youngsters. I have numerous classes during the afternoon plus one free period. During my free time, I grade papers plus take care of various tasks in the classroom. From time to time, I will go to the professors lounge instead of my classroom. The professors lounge has a ductless a/c machine plus it works better than the A/C in the classroom. I was in the professors lounge not so long ago grading papers when I suddenly had to use the restroom. The kids’ lavatory is right across the hall from the professors lounge, so I made the move to use the students’ lavatory instead of heading all the way across the building to the professors’ lavatory. As soon as I stepped food in the kids’ lavatory, I smelled a familiar yet disgusting stink. It was easy to tell that the smell was marijuana. I looked in all of the stalls plus no one was in the lavatory at all. I didn’t see any signs of marijuana in the garbage can either, however clearly someone had just been smoking some strong cannabis there. I went to the professors that have students in the same hallway. I got a list of the students who had gone to the lavatory that period plus then I took that list to the principal. Honestly, nobody should be smoking marijuana in the middle school lavatory.
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