The whole box was filled with ants

They were everywhere

I woke up late for work on Monday and I didn’t have a chance to eat any breakfast before I had to get dressed and leave the house. I was going to stop at the restaurant for a breakfast sandwich, but traffic was busy and I knew that would make me late for work. I was hoping there would be a delivery waiting for me at the marijuana dispensary. If there was a delivery waiting, then I could leave the dispensary quickly and grab some breakfast on my way to the customer’s home. There were no deliveries waiting when I got to the dispensary. My boss had a list of chores that she wanted me to complete. I had to restock the edibles and the cooler with all of the cannabis infused beverages. Most of the boxes were in the basement of the store. It was cold and damp in the basement, but I had my phone flashlight to help me see in the dark. I found the box with the cannabis infused beverages. I grabbed the box and headed up the stairs. I felt something crawling on my arm, so I put the box on the stairs and brushed my arm with my hand. There were ants all over my arm. They were everywhere. I took the box upstairs where the light was shining and there were ants all over the box. My boss told me to take the box outside and wash off all of the bottles. After that, she made me go back to the basement to look and see if any other boxes were covered with ants or pests.

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