Only delivery services were available after the roofing problem

A few weeks ago there was a major problem at the marijuana dispensary.

The roof collapsed after a storm.

The storm lasted for 3 days and we had almost a foot of rainfall during that time. The water puddled up on the roof and the roof started to bow . The day after we noticed that the roof was sagging, the roof was all over the floor inside of the dispensary. The whole lobby was filled with debris from the roof and the ceiling. I thought that the dispensary would close down during the cleanup, but they continued to offer delivery services. Because delivery services were the only thing available, most of the in-store budtenders were delivering orders. I was one of those people. I was not hired to work as a delivery driver, but I didn’t mind using my car for a couple of days to deliver marijuana products. The tips were pretty good too. Nobody seemed to care that the dispensary was closed inside of the store. People were just ordering for delivery instead. On Friday night I took a total of seven marijuana deliveries and I made $160 in tips off those seven marijuana deliveries. I don’t care if the lobby of the store ever opens back up again or not. As long as I’m making money like this, I hope the dispensary stays closed. Unfortunately, I don’t really think that is going to happen since the construction crews have been working hard all day and all night to get that place fixed up and ready for reopening