I wanted Blue dream sugar but I got something else

Online ordering is one of the best parts about the marijuana dispensary where I live.

I can order online for pickup for delivery.

I have terrible anxiety and sometimes that keeps me from being able to spend time in a crowded area. The dispensary is a very crowded area inside. If I don’t have to worry about the crowds, then I have a lot less anxiety when I am trying to think about what I want to order from the menu. I can shop very easily from the privacy and comfort of my own home. Sometimes I will order from the pickup service if I already have to go to town for an appointment, but most of the time I use the delivery service. The drivers are always fast and friendly and most of the time the orders are 100% correct. Last time I ordered from the dispensary, my order was not correct. I ordered Blue Dream sugar crystals from the website and the delivery guy brought me an indica concentrate instead. It was a good indica strain, but I wanted a sativa and the indica stream was not what I ordered. I immediately called the dispensary to speak with a representative. I told the person on the phone that my order was incorrect. The manager offered to send me the product that I did once and she told me to keep the other gram of indica concentrate. When the second driver arrived with my 1 gram jar of concentrate, I was surprised to find some additional demo products inside of the bag. The manager went out of her way to apologize for the mix up in the delivery.


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