I biked to the front of the apartments to meet the driver

Sometimes when I order items for delivery from the marijuana dispensary, the gate guard won’t let the driver come all the way to the apartment.

It seems to be one specific gate guard that has a problem. I knew that guy was working last Friday night when I placed an order from the marijuana dispensary. I bought a half ounce of OG kush. It was on sale for $49. I also purchased a few grams of cannabis concentrate. I placed my order online. When the driver called with an eta, I told the guy that I would meet him at the front of the apartment building. I didn’t want the guy to have any problems getting into the apartment building. I grabbed my bike from the downstairs garage and I rode to the front of the apartment building. I arrived about 10 minutes before the marijuana delivery service driver. I was waiting in the parking lot when that guy pulled up in his honda. He was a young driver not much older than my little brother. The driver gave me my bag of goodies and I paid for the order with my debit card. There are only a couple of dispensaries that will take a debit card. The other ones all require that we use cash for our purchases. After the driver gave me my bag of merchandise, I checked inside to make sure that all of the items were in the bag. I gave the driver a $10 tip and I rode back to the apartment with all of my supplies.

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