The dispensary is across the street from the laundry

When my washer broke down, I started taking all of my clothes to the laundromat.

It was cheaper than paying the repairman to fix the electric washer at $450.

The laundromat has cleaning services, so you don’t have to sit there all day with the clothes. If you drop everything off, you can pick it up the next day and everything has been washed, dried, and folded. I rarely use the service, because it is more expensive than simply doing the job on my own. I don’t mind working on the laundry at all. I find laundry to be very relaxing. I usually put all of my clothes in the washing machine and then I sit down and read a book. I always take a good book to the laundromat so I don’t get bored. Across the street from the laundromat in the same shopping center is a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary has a lounge and seating area. When I have several loads of laundry going at the same time, sometimes I will sit at the dispensary with my book. I can buy a marijuana joint and smoke it in the lounge. It’s safe, discreet, and a comfy and cozy place to sit and relax and smoke weed while I am doing laundry on the other side of the plaza. The dispensary has great prices on all of their pre-rolls. I usually buy something that is infused with hash oil, keith, or distillate. A half gram joint that is infused is all I need to feel a buzz for several hours while I wash my underwear, shirts, pants, and socks.


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