The application was filled with math and science questions

I went online to fill out an application for a job at a marijuana dispensary.

My best friend told me about a position that was available at the place where he works.

He told me to go online and fill out an application. He would get his boss to look at the application quickly. I went online last night to fill out the application. I thought the job application would ask me questions like my name, address, and previous work history. It seemed to be more like an exam. I had to answer a bunch of questions about math and science. I’m not sure if I answered the questions correctly or not. After I submitted my answer, the test went right to the next question. A lot of the math had to do with percentages, sales tax, and cash back. I honestly thought there would be a register and calculator to do that work for me. The science questions were about marijuana and marijuana strains. I thought that I would learn that information on the job. I doubt I did very well on the exam, because those two subjects were never my strong suit in high school. My friend called me later during the day after I was finished with the application. I told him that I was done, but I did not think I did very well. He told me not to worry, because he was sure that he could convince the manager to give me a job at the marijuana dispensary. It’s been a week and I still haven’t heard anything from the manager and Jack is dodging my calls and text messages.

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