I’m thankful for legalized marijuana

I was honestly stunned by the amount of strains there are of marijuana.

It actually did unfold in rather crazy fashion when marijuana was finally legalized in this state. It was all so delightful, as well… It was entirely fascinating to see the strange fights both for and against legalizing cannabis. The people who are against cannabis just did not have very good arguments. They basically kept rehashing all the old myths about recreational marijuana plus medical marijuana. It just did not seem to make a whole lot of sense as anyone can suddenly look up the research for themselves. Cannabis products have been used for many thousands of years to help manage strange health scenarios! And it was interesting to me because at the time I genuinely wasn’t a cannabis user. I had shared some recreational marijuana with good pals before when I was young. However, I never had to purchase it in the past. I suppose that is why I was incredibly interested in just how the lobbying for legalizing marijuana would turn out. The fact that marijuana had been illegal put a huge damper on me wanting to experiment with it. However, at this point I am able to walk into a local cannabis establishment to get sativa or indica or hybrid strains for sale. I was honestly stunned by the amount of strains there are of marijuana. I also adore the fact that it does not make me feel excruciating the next afternoon exactly like it does when I’ve been drinking. I suppose I’ve really, absolutely fallen in love with the cannabis edibles, however edibles are just so simple and I certainly adore the fact that I don’t have to smoke marijuana. More crucially, there are a good amount of people who are suffering with health drawbacks that can be more absolutely managed thanks to access to cannabis.


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