We have amazing cannabis shops coming out

For sure, I was a major advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

I spent a good amount of time and energy getting the facts out about the unlimited benefits of medical marijuana. At the same time, I drew comparisons to recreational marijuana and the availability of alcohol. It made no sense that any adult could make their way to a liquor store, buy a ton of booze and then go drive a car… The way it seems to me, I care more about the cannabis store compared to the liquor store. Still, I did quite a bit to get out the vote when it came to recreational cannabis. It was almost as though we were trying to get recreational marijuana to be a mission and get people to vote in a logical sort of way. Getting out the facts about cannabis was the most imperative section of all of that. If people are getting facts and are not basing their choice about legal marijuana on myths, they can make better choices. Thankfully, the recreational marijuana resolution passed and by much more than I was thinking was possible. Almost a few years later, after all the rules and regulations and infrastructure were put into place, we got a fairly pressing surprise. There are now cannabis dispensaries coming up everywhere around town. And it’s such a validation of what sort of effort we put in to get marijuana legalized. I was also invited to some ceremonies at the local cannabis shop when it opened. That was a true honor and certainly has gone a long way to further my delight about getting medical marijuana and recreational marijuana legalized.
Cannabis business place