I am Retired plus loving the local cannabis dispensary

It’s always such a pleasure for me to welcome one of our old and seasoned buddies out here for a vacation or a visit.

When I first retired, I headed for the sun, and just so happens that the region where I retired also offers legalized medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana.

That has been quite the big bonus. The old crew I am referring to are a group of men I once worked with for our entire work. All of us were the only folks who regularly used recreational marijuana products. All of us were not stupid about it as cannabis wasn’t a legal product, still, we just flew off the radar plus enough when it came to enjoying recreational marijuana back then. So now I am able to provide my visitors with trips where shopping for marijuana on sale is one part of the deal. I could not be happier to be able to play the host to all of our friends. It seems as if at least once a month, one or more of those men comes into town. All of us start at our local cannabis dispensary where everybody knows who I am. So maybe not quite everybody but I am in there often. There are some other cannabis dispensaries in neighborhood although I appreciate heading down south a few minutes. There’s a cannabis grow or up there who runs tours plus also has a great cannabis dispensary. Spending time at this place is fascinating. It’s so interesting to learn a lot more about sativa plus indica strains. plus it’s always proved to be a popular thing to do when our old friends visit from out of town. I know our place is starting to become a major marijuana tourism location.