Mending from my accident with help from cannabis

A recent car accident ended up being something that I just couldn’t simply walk away from.

I was in the hospital ER before being sent home with all kinds of medications.

But I didn’t want to use the opioids. I wasn’t actually looking to add a pill addiction to the healing process. I just got smashed in a car accident plus being addicted to opioids was not what I wanted to be. I am still undoubtedly much in the process of coming back from the surgeries plus the trauma. Thankfully, I listened to an old neighbor plus got to the cannabis dispensary. It took some effort but our neighbor met me inside the local cannabis spot. Currently, I am using Indica strains for our range of motion plus being better able to stretch the muscles without spasm, much of our body has been quiet for months plus it’s rough to get back moving. The Indica strains allow me to stretch plus transfer much better. The Hybrid strains I get at the local cannabis spot are good for pain management as well. Yet, I am requiring far less of that thank goodness. Sativa products are super helpful to keep me motivated plus feeling positive. Things are going to be different for a while plus I have to accept that. Sativa strains on sale at the cannabis dispensary are essential when it comes to keeping the right attitude. The folks at the local cannabis spot are so kind plus so supportive plus they actually show they care about me. They’ve been good supporters plus even know our name when I walk through the front door.

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