And that was my introduction to marijuana

It’s wild to realize that after all these years, I’m absolutely doing it.

  • It took almost being fifty plus a whole lot of effort to get me to change our thinking when it came to cannabis.

But that led to the discovery of marijuana, which put a whole new perspective to my life. It’s been worth it in the end. My life has been spent doing the right thing. Following all the rules plus doing everything I was supposed to do has always been our specialty. And for that I have no regrets. My fiance plus I raised amazing children plus I appreciated a fairly lucrative work. Truly I was blessed by all of those things. And yet in the end, I still felt fairly annoyed. And that is where cannabis products changed all of that in no time at all. When our marriage was over, I was shocked. But, it also made me take stock plus think that there were some things I needed to change, then one of those things was our feeling about medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana. For our entire adult life, I believed using any sort of marijuana was wrong. But I was also misguided by so much public misinformation when it came to cannabis products. So when both recreational marijuana plus medicinal marijuana legalized in this state, I have to say I was curious. I took some effort to walk into the cannabis dispensary although I did it. For sure using sativa products has changed the way in which I live our life. I feel bad it took so long for me to come to the understanding that cannabis is indeed an undoubtedly beneficial thing.

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