It was a touching moment for me at the cannabis dispensary

The moments in our lives which are often the most meaningful are also often the most unexpected.

These charming moments are touching to share plus especially with our children.

Yet, it’s still tough to understand that such a moment just took place inside our local cannabis spot. My child plus myself lost his mother plus our fiance Max just about a year ago. Max fought it as best he could. Cancer ended up winning as we knew that would entirely be the outcome. At the time, we were living in a region where we could access medical marijuana. This made the fight for Max’s life that much easier for our fiance to manage. It honestly changed our perspective on cannabis all together. Max was scared to try the sativa plus indica products alone. So of course, I tried them with Max. For me, it wasn’t our first time as I had used recreational marijuana when I was at the university. But Max had not. Indica products were given for the nausea plus muscle cramps. They actually helped with Max’s appetite as well. The sativa strains were all about a managing pain plus maintaining a more positive perspective. I am just so thankful we had the medical marijuana because that actually did help Max all the way to the end. About a year later, our child came to stay with me when I cleaned out the house. I was moving away from the home I had shared with Max for as long as we had been married. My child asked to go to the cannabis dispensary where I took Max. That was where we had such a touching moment between the several of us. As unexpected as it was, it was just still so touching.


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