I had the idea for a cannabis delivery service

I even ended up asking a pizza delivery driver what he thought about it.

I love that marijuana businesses have finally taken our lead. It was 1986 when I first came up with the system for marijuana delivery. Of course, I was very ahead of our time given that marijuana was still illegal almost everywhere in all of its forms. A cannabis dispensary had yet to be opened. I clearly remember drinking Coors Light plus ordering a pizza when it came to me. Why could not the pizza guy also be the cannabis delivery driver?. Perhaps it was the Coors talking but it was such a good system in our mind. Fast forward 3 and a half decades plus marijuana delivery has become a reality. In our state both medicinal marijuana plus recreational marijuana are legal. So when the pandemic started, those who needed cannabis products didn’t have go without. My local cannabis spot came up with a system for marijuana delivery service. So several people that used cannabis products for health troubles were at the highest risk when it came to Covid. Being able to find sativa plus indica strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary was made more difficult. Gladly, the cannabis dispensary figured out how to supply sativa, Indica, hybrid strains to the people that needed it the most. It wasn’t just for stoners who were drinking beer plus eating pizza the way I was way back in 1986. Still, I can clearly remember just what a good system I thought cannabis delivery would become. I even ended up asking a pizza delivery driver what he thought about it. I have not yet availed myself of the marijuana delivery service quite yet. Going into the local cannabis spot is just more enjoyable. But it sure is great to know that I can have marijuana delivered if I need it.

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