My friend started up a whole curriculum

My friend works at a medical cannabis dispensary, and she is really great at her job.

She has only been working there for a couple of years, but they love her there period since she has always been interested in the field of medical cannabis, she knows just about everything that there is to know about it.

She got her medical cannabis certifications years ago, and she continually tries to learn all that there is to know about it. She is always updating her knowledge base and going to classes to figure out what is next on the market. Working at a medical cannabis dispensary is actually the perfect job for her. She is definitely a people person, and working here has really changed her life. She has always wanted to be in service to other people, and working here really helps her fulfill that role. Since she is so knowledgeable, the people in charge of the medical cannabis dispensary decided to partner in charge of their educational programs.She has done such a great job at it, that she decided to write her own curriculum when it comes to medical marijuana education period now, they have a whole curriculum of medical marijuana classes. They are offering the classes to the public, and she is constantly working on them to improve the program. She thinks that education is the way to go when it comes to enlightening the public about marijuana, whether it is recreational or medical. I think that she is probably right. I am glad that she is doing so much for the medical marijuana establishment.
Medical Cannabis Certifications