It’s a life reboot thanks to a trip to the cannabis dispensary

For sure, it’s not like I haven’t been hearing it from friends and loved ones.

Even some of my colleagues have been telling me to chill out. Well now, I’m taking them all up on it thanks to the local cannabis spot. Being able to relax and let go is not really something I’m very good at. I’ve always been really intense and focused on results. Even from the time I was little, I was the one who organized stuff and made it happen. It’s much the same today. There are times when I simply take on too much and I end up paying for it. That’s where the voices of reason suggested I start cooling out a bit and just relax. It’s finally become clear that I need to listen to this advice. But I really didn’t know where to start. The truth was I wasn’t interested in yoga or sitting still reading a book for hours. Thankfully, I found someone who could guide me. My sister quite literally took me by the hand and drove me to the nearest cannabis dispensary. I’ve never been inside the local cannabis spot nor had I used recreational marijuana. It’s not that I have anything against cannabis, it just wasn’t part of my lifestyle. My sister got some cannabis edibles and a sampler of sativa and indica products as well. We then drove to a most beautiful space and shared one of those cannabis edibles. It was a moment I’ll never forget as it changed the direction of my life. I’m now fully understanding the benefits of relaxation as well as the benefits of cannabis products.
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