My friends use delivery, however I live entirely close to the pot shop

I was hanging out with Jake, so I got a couple of grams of concentrate.

My friends were excited when they found out that a new cannabis shop was going to open on the first of the month, and i was even more excited when I found out that the cannabis shop was going to be right across the street from my beach house complex; The new cannabis shop has delivery options, however I do not need to use the delivery system! My friends use the delivery method… Right now, it’s truly free to use the delivery system. I guess they will really charge eventually, however it’s still the grand opening celebration plus all deliveries are free. They do not even require a minimum purchase, then of course, I’m sure that most folks are spending a bunch of money because the prices are seriously low plus everything is on sale, since the grand opening date, the store has gave 25% off everything in the store. The concentrate, flower, RSO products, plus even edibles are all included in the sale. My acquaintance Jake ordered a ton of things from the pot shop on Tuesday when she got paid. I was hanging out with Jake, so I got a couple of grams of concentrate. The delivery driver arrived less than an hour after all of us localed the order plus Jake’s beach house is at least various miles away. The driver also gave us a bag with candy plus treats inside. I got pretzels in my bag, however Jake got twizzlers plus skittles. I guess the delivery service is pretty cool, however I still have no need to use the service when I live so close.


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