I’m so grateful that cannabis products are available

I still have to pinch myself at time when I know back at how taxing it was to access fine marijuana.

Now, I simply go to the cannabis dispensary.

But as a longtime recreational marijuana user, I can remember just how taxing it was back in the afternoon. There was so much stress involved just to get a small quantity of sativa or indica products. I still have a complete memory of just how uncomfortable it was trying to buy cannabis products from somebody I actually did not know. So the fact that I can simply walk into a local cannabis spot is so much easier but it also comes with a lot of thankfulness as well. It’s all become so self-explanatory now that our state finally came to its senses when it comes to responsible cannabis laws. Our state modeled the success for legalized medical marijuana from states out west. For years plus years, medical marijuana legislation simply stalled due to it being a political boiling button. Those against cannabis continued to hold up even medical marijuana by using so much misinformation; However, legalize marijuana did prevail, and yet, I am not naive enough to not know it’s all about the money. There’s just so much tax relocale to be made from the legalization of cannabis plus cannabis products. There is no way politicians we are going to pass up that kind of tax windfall. Still, it feels actually fantastic to not have to worry about being on the wrong side of the law just to have some marijuana. Yet each time I walk into my local cannabis spot, I do so with a fantastic deal of respect plus gratitude that I live in an era where that is possible.

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