The sales aren’t always advertised online

There are frequent sales and specials at the marijuana dispensary.

They don’t always advertise them online, which really drives me crazy.

I try to check all of the dispensary websites each morning and I wait until there is something on sale before I go to the store. When they don’t advertise these sales and specials online, you have to go into the store to find out if anything is extra. When my girlfriend and I went to the dispensary to pick up my order last week, I saw a sign on the front of the door that said all infused pre-rolls and pre-roll packages were 35% off. Nobody told me that in the store and I had two packages of pre-rolls in my order. The sale was not advertised online either. I was a little aggravated, so I went back into the dispensary and I asked if I could speak with the marijuana dispensary manager. I got the manager to give me the discount on the items that I had already purchased and she gave me some free demos and samples because she wanted me to leave a happy customer. After I walked outside and got to my car, I grabbed my phone and I called a couple of my friends. Nobody knew about the special on infused marijuana pre-rolls and it was a super good deal. I thought my friends would want to come down to check everything out. They were just as surprised and happy to find out about the sale on marijuana as my girlfriend and I were.
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